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Can't Resist the Vista

Grab a glass, fill it up, and take in the view.

"Hey, I hear you're taking Mary out on another date."

Yeah, it's gonna be great.

"Really? Any plans yet?"

I'm thinking we begin with a romantic dinner downtown, then head to the boardwalk for dessert, and then, once the sun starts to set, we cap off the evening by grabbing a blanket, and taking in the view.

"Oh, you dog, cuddling on the beach with the ocean sunset in front of you. Works every time."

Who said anything about a beach?

"I thought by view, you meant ... y'know, since you're going to be at the boardwalk ..."

Yeah, for dessert, but for the view, I was planning on just taking her back to my place.

"Oh! THAT kind of view. Way to go, man!"

Ummmm, I think we're thinking of two different things. I just meant sitting on my porch and drinking some Buena Vista Winery 2007 Carneros Syrah.

"Hold on. What? How is that a view?"

Vista means 'view'! Geez, you need to brush up on your German. Anyway, the wine combines the aromas of bright blueberry and raspberry, nutmeg, dark roasted coffee and white pepper while exhibiting flavors of boysenberry and chocolate. I figure that's got to win her over.

"I still don't see how that's a view. Are you going to be staring at it?"

Ha! No, we'll be drinking it. You're a trip.

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2007 Buena Vista Syrah, Carneros 750ml 4-Pack
A wonderful expression of cool climate Syrah – the gamey side of Syrah is balanced by the elegance and finesse of the cool climate fruit. The 2007 Carneros Syrah has aromas of bright blueberry and raspberry, nutmeg, dark roasted coffee and white pepper. The palate explores hints of toastiness and exhibits flavors of boysenberry and chocolate, ending in a lingering finish of plum and toast with nice acidity. Try this wine with grilled bone-in ribeye steak and sweet potato mash.


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  • Winemaker: Jeff Stewart
  • Appellation: Carneros
  • Composition: 100% Syrah
  • Harvest: October 4-15, 2007
  • Clones: Estrella River selection, Syrah Noir, 174, 877, 473, and Alban 4
  • Acidity: 6.18 g/L TA
  • pH: 3.59
  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • Residual Sugar: 0.44 g/L
  • Bottle Date: March 3, 2009
  • Case Production: 700

The grapes were handpicked at night to preserve the fruit character. The grapes were hand-sorted twice on a belt system and gently destemmed. Each lot was cold soaked for a minimum of five days to maximize color and flavor extraction. The must was fermented in small open-top fermentors, with three punch downs per day along with daily drain and returns building texture and complexity into the wine. After an average of 17 days on the skins, the wine was pressed gently and aged for 14 months in 34% new French oak, with the balance in one and two-year-old barrels. Buena Vista Carneros uses a screwcap closure as the preferred closure on its wines. "I am adamant in delivering the best expression of our vineyards. I believe this closure captures the pure Syrah aromas and flavors and will deliver the best quality in the glass,” remarks Winemaker Jeff Stewart.


Vendor Details

Buena Vista Winery

Boisset Family Estates
Sonoma, CA
Buena Vista Winery has a rich, delicious heritage as the first premium-and certainly the most colorful-of all of the wineries in California. And its founder, the self-proclaimed “Count of Buena Vista,” Agoston Haraszthy, was a vivacious and eccentric pioneer with a veritable love and unending commitment to California wine.
Surrounded by his own tales of intrigue and political exile, The Count immigrated from Europe in 1840 in pursuit of opportunity and freedom in the burgeoning American West. Following the forty-niners in search of gold in the hills of Northern California, Haraszthy sought “purple gold”-the perfect ‘terroir’ for exceptional wine. He ultimately settled in Sonoma, birthplace of California and capital of the short-lived California Republic, where he founded Buena Vista Winery in 1857.  A committed farmer, an experimental innovator and vintner, a respected author, a shrewd businessman-and a brilliant and incredibly zealous promoter, The Count is considered California’s most acclaimed and flamboyant vinicultural pioneer and evangelist.
Despite his abrupt death in 1869-in an alligator-infested river in the jungles of Nicaragua-and following the challenges of the depression, prohibition, and phylloxera-infestation-his beloved Buena Vista Winery has not only endured but also prospered. Boisset Family Estates-a family with a true love and respect for Buena Vista-is passionately committed to continue the imaginative vision and unrivaled legacy first created by The Count 150 years ago. Please join us in celebrating the rebirth of Buena Vista. Our brilliant history. Our spectacular wines. The extraordinary experience at our breathtaking estate.



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