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Wine Of The Month

Bruce stood in his wine cellar, staring at his wine cabinet, eleven slots filled, one slot empty. The collection was almost complete.

There was the January Hills Sauvignon Blanc in slot one, and the October Beach Pinot Noir sitting in slot ten. He had everything he needed for the perfect year. He'd celebrate his birthday with a March Desert Chardonnay, and he'd give his wife a gift of December River Merlot for their anniversary.

But then it came to August. He was stuck. He had two bottles, and he didn't know what to choose.

Sitting on the table in front of him was a bottle of August Ridge Nebbiolo as well as a bottle of August Ridge Sangiovese.

Would he select the delicate cherry and plum flavors of the Nebbiolo or would he side with the currants, strawberries, and dried plums of the Sangiovese?

He originally wanted to go with the Sangiovese, but then he picked up on the spicy aromas of dried flower and brambles of the Nebbiolo, and he found himself at a standstill.

Indecision filled his head. He didn't know what to do. Both wines smelled so good, sounded so good, he didn't want to have to turn one down. He went through a series of rigorous tests, including eeny meeny miny mo and rock paper scissors, but he finally settled on spin the bottle. He lined the bottles up, took an empty bottle, put it on its side, and spun. This would answer it. This would determine which wine would go in the final slot.

He spun the bottle, and it went in circles ...

and circles ...

and circles ...

and circles ...

and finally ...

it landed ...

on ...


So he just put one in the slot and saved the other for next year.

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California Style with Italian Elegance
August Ridge wines are grown and crafted to compliment but not overpower foods. The reds are robust and strongly balanced; they are unfiltered and will be best served 30 minutes after decanting.  Salute per cento anni!
2007 Nebbiolo, Paso Robles, Estate Grown 750ml 2-Pack
Complex spicy aromas of dried flowers and brambles. Delicate flavors of cherry and plum followed by a clean peppery finish with strong cleansing tannins. Best paired with grilled salmon or pork, game, rich meats and sauces.
2007 Sangiovese, Paso Robles, Estate Grown 750ml 2-Pack
The 2007 Sangiovese boasts aromas of dark plum, cherries and a hint of raspberry. Flavors of currants, strawberries and dried plums finished with a hint of hay and leather. Well balanced acid and tannins cleanse the palate when paired with rich foods in complex sauces including spicy sausages, grilled meats, well aged cheeses and nuts.


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2007 Nebbiolo, Paso Robles, Estate Grown 750ml 2-Pack
  • Alcohol: 14.7%
  • Production: 256 cases
2007 Sangiovese, Paso Robles, Estate Grown 750ml 2-Pack
  • Alcohol: 15.1%
  • Production: 313 cases

Vendor Details

August Ridge Vineyards

John Backer and Jill Zamborelli Backer
Paso Robles/Creston
August Ridge was established by John Backer and Jill Zamborelli Backer in the spring of 2001 with the purchase of 40 acres of rolling hills in Creston. From the beginning their goal was to produce wines that combine the robust styling of the best California wines with the restrained elegance of the classic wines from northern and central Italy. Their passion for the project comes from a love of cooking, eating and sharing meals with friends which leads directly to August Ridge wine style. This dream is a natural extension of both the Backer and Zamborelli families. John’s family has been growing grapes for four generations dating back to the 1800’s while Jill’s family brings the robust Italian food and traditions from a small town just outside of Rome, Italy.

Combining the robust styling of the best California wines with the restrained classic elegance of wines from northern and central Italy, August Ridge produces distinctive Cal-Ital wines that emphasize the uniqueness of the Paso Robles region

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August Ridge Nebbiolo & Sangiovese (4)
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