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What is Gourmet?

A discussion of salamanders, gorillas and Arizonoids.

Where can you find the finest foods, the tastiest treats, and the most satisfying snacks on the internet? Right here! Gourmet.Woot is a conduit through which purveyors of fine gourmet goodies can promote, advertise, and sell their wares directly to the hungry consumer. Like our uncouth, barely-civilized older stepbrother, Woot, here you'll find one-time-only prices that put the rest of the Internet to shame. Shame on you, Internet!

Frequently Asked Questions


Wait, back up a second: what is Woot?
Woot is the original daily deals site, founded in 2004. Read more about us here.
What is Gourmet.Woot?
Gourmet.Woot will be your favorite stop for excellent spices, cheeses, oils & vinegars, spices, sweets, accessories, and more. David Studdert and the team at Wine Country Connect (WCC) will be in charge of sourcing these delicious gems. That’s right! It’s the same team that has brought you great wines and gourmet foods since 2006.
WCC works closely with the gourmet companies to bring you great deals. They also provide fulfillment logistics support and act as a liaison between us and the gourmet company.
How do I know whether to buy these gourmet goods? Who can I trust in the forums?
Dave Studdert (aka winedavid39) and his team select the best of the best and track down the rare treasures. He also invites the people behind these gourmet treasures to join in the discussion of each sale, which they often do. We will identify these gourmet companies so you can easily know when they’re in the forums.


How long is shipment going to take?
Many Gourmet.Woot items are made to order and may ship directly from the vendor (facilitated by the folks at Wine Country Connect). Your Gourmet.Woot order will ship in 3-5 days business days after a daily sale or 5-7 business days for all other sales. You should have your order in 2-3 weeks from the time you order, often sooner. To protect your food, Wine Country Connect may select to delay or choose faster shipping. See more in the next section.
What about shipping during the summer or freezing temps of winter? How do I know my gourmet items won’t get damaged in these extreme temperatures?

Condition of your order on arrival is the single most important criteria for Gourmet.Woot and Wine Country Connect.

Shipments for temperature sensitive items are carefully scheduled to avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures from the origination point all the way to its destination. In these cases, Wine Country Connect may delay the shipment for a couple days to allow for better conditions or to keep your order from sitting in hotter warehouses for a long period of time.
What's up with the shipping charge?
Gourmet.Woot is decidedly weird, so shipping works a little differently than the other Woot sites. When you place an order on Gourmet.Woot, standard shipping is included in the item price.

Orders & Payments

What's up with this "Buy Now" business?
No Shyamalanian twist here. "Buy Now" means your Gourmet.Woot purchase bypasses the shopping cart process. When you click "Buy Now," you'll be whisked away to the checkout page to complete your purchase.
But I've got stuff from another Woot site in my cart. How does that work?
Those items will have to be purchased in a separate transaction from your Gourmet.Woot purchase. That's a little cumbersome, but it'll make these gourmet delicacies taste that much better.
How do I pay for this resplendent ambrosia?
You need to use “Login and Pay with Amazon” to purchase items from Gourmet.Woot.
What is "Login and Pay with Amazon?"
Login and Pay with Amazon is a handy set of features that links your Woot account with your Amazon-stored shipping and payment settings.
How do I use "Login and Pay with Amazon?"
To begin using Login and Pay with Amazon, you need to have an account. If you don't have an account, let us be the first to welcome you to Planet Earth. You're going to love it here. Once your Amazon account is set up, just head over to our sign-in page and click "Login with Amazon." When you place your order, all your Amazon payment and shipping address will be there ready for you. Boom. Done.
What purchases made via Amazon Payments are covered by Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee?
Purchases of gourmet items made on Gourmet.Woot are NOT covered by the Amazon Payments A-to-z Guarantee. Please feel free to contact Woot’s customer service for any issues you might have with your orders. Please click here to see the full terms of the A-to-z Guarantee.
I have a question about purchasing/ordering/shipping/returns.
First: we cover all of that in the main Woot FAQ, along with plenty of dumb jokes. Sorry, dumb jokes are kind of our thing. It's a compulsion. Please, help us before we pun again. Second: the Q in FAQ stands for "question". Please phrase all future inquiries in the form of a question.
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