Young Ridge Library Napa Cabernet (2)

by wootbot

Card Cabalog

A novel approach to wine.

"Hi, I'd like to check out this cabernet."

Excuse me?

"I'd like to check out this cabernet."

Do you mean you'd like to buy it?

"No, I'd like to check it out. This is the Young Ridge Library Napa Cabernet, right? So, I'd like to check it out."

I don't follow.

"Isn't that how a library works? I pick out what I want, and then I get to check it out?"

This is wine, sir. I don't think that's what it means by 'library'.

"Oh! Sorry, I should've known! I'm supposed to be quiet while buying the wine. That's it, isn't it? (whispering) I'd like to buy this bottle of wine."

No, you don't have to be quiet while buying this wine. And did you just say (whispering) there?

"I just wanted to make it clear. But if I don't have to whisper, what do I have to do? Oh, wait! I get it! I need a special card to buy this wine, don't I?"

Well, if you want to pay by card, you can use credit or debit. And I'll need to see your ID, but that's for totally differ--

"My ID! Of course! Here you go! And here's my credit card."

Okay, fine. Yep, looks good. And let me just ring you up ... alright, done. Enjoy your wine.

"Thanks! Now when is this due back?"