XYZin Vine Age Series Zinfandel (3)

by wootbot

The ABCs of Zin

This wine is delicious from A to Zin.

A is for how AWESOME this wine is.

B is for its BRIGHT fruit BALANCE.

C is for CREME brulee on the nose and black CURRANT on the palate.

D is for DARJEELING tea that melds well with cocoa-like tannins.

E is for ELEMENTS of ENHANCED spice.

F is for rich earth FLAVORS of FRESH loam.

G is for GRAPES of the Zinfandel varietal that display a refined spice dimension.

H is for HEAD-trained vines that stand distinctly in a landscape of trellised acreage.

I is for an INTRIGUING mix of black fig, candied apple, boysenberry and strawberry.

J is for a JUICY palate swirling with blueberry and raspberry.

K is for KONFIDENT regional KHARACTER and stylish oaK.

L is for the LEAN meats that pair perfectly with this wine.

M is for a reminiscence of MEJOOL dates.

N is for a NOD to tradition while turning an eye toward the future.

O is for the authority of an OLD vine Zinfandel.

P is for the flavor of PEPPERY POMEGRANATE.

Q is for the QUANTITY of three bottles you'll receive of this QUALITY wine.

R is for the RUSSIAN RIVER Valley from where it comes.

S is for the background SPICE note of SANDALWOOD.

T is for a landscape of TRELLISED acreage, a counterpoint of TRADITION in a sea of modernity.

U is for an UNCOMMON restraint of balance and elegance.

V is for VINEYARDS that were planted in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

W is for a WINE you cannot live WITHOUT.

X, Y and Z are for XYZin.