Tyler Florence Sauvignon Blanc (4)

by wootbot

Wild No More

Some wines are too crazy. Some wines are too weak. Some wines find the sweet spot right in the middle. From that setup, you can probably guess from which this Sauvignon Blanc is gonna be. HINT: THE THIRD ONE.

Tyler Florence and Rob Mondavi? Oh, you better believe they've been to the edge. Rob's a fourth-generation winemaker, which means he made his wine mistakes as a strapping young lad running wild through the Napa Valley fields. And Tyler Florence was a chef! Right? Everybody knows what THEY do!

So between the two of them, we're pretty sure they've made EVERY mistake a person can make. They know the outlying edges of the world, and that means they know how to find the perfect middle. The balance is what they're after, and the balance is what they've found. Tropical fruit, crisp acidity and fresh citrus, all tied up in a perfect and unexpected mixture.

Think of it like when an old cowboy lawman hangs up his irons. Rob and Tyler don't need to get all flashy any more. They've found balance. Consider yourself lucky they're also offering it to you.