St. Julian Blanc de Noir Sparkling

by wootbot

Extra! Extra! Red All About It!

White wine from red grapes? What'll they think of next!?

When we first heard that this St. Julian Blanc de Noir Sparkling Wine was made from red grapes we didn't know what to think. After all, it looks like white wine and it IS white wine! But made from red grapes? We were suspicious, to say the least.

We became even more suspicious when we tasted the flavors of strawberries and red delicious apples ... two RED fruits. "HOW," we asked, "IS THIS WINE NOT RED!?"

And then when we smelled the raspberry aromas, we were seriously concerned. How could it smell like raspberry, taste like strawberries and red delicious apples, AND be made of red vinifera grapes, and STILL be a white wine?

It's a mystery that still perplexes us, but it IS delicious, so whatever.