Scott Harvey InZINerator (5)

by wootbot

Never Lets Down, Never Lets Up

When all of your friends have let you down, Scott Harvey will be there. With awesome wine.

Somebody in this office keeps filling my electrical outlets with superglue, and my co-workers insist they haven't seen a thing. My wife says she just sleeps better when she she spends the night at a motel, but she won't tell me which one. I found a REPLACEMENT SON WANTED ad on Craigslist with my mom's email address.

But there's one guy who never lets me down. No matter how many times life punches me in my soft nether regions, Scott Harvey keeps on coming through with wines like the eminently irresistible InZINerator. Complex yet big, bold with just a touch of sweetness, InZINerator proves, once again, that Scott Harvey will never let me down.

I wonder if he'd consider adopting me.