Salexis Wines Napa Valley Merlot (3)

by wootbot

Strange Weather

Nothing like a good glass of wine when you're "Snowden." Get it? Snowden=Snowed in. Ugh.

"Welp. Looks like you're gonna just have to stay the night after all, what with all this snow we're getting."

I don't understand. It was supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny today.

"That's the thing about spring. You never know when the skies are gonna open up and leave you 'stranded' with the guy who has secretly been in love with you since junior high … wine?"

What did you just say?

"Huh? What? Oh that. I just said, boy am I in love with the aromas of currants, blackberries and plums in this merlot."

This is so bizarre. It's piling up really fast out there. Mind if I turn on the weather channel?

"No! You can't!"

What? Why not?

"Um, BECAUSE. Beeeecause … the REMOTE is broken."

Hey! Well it is NOW that you threw it into the fireplace. What's with you?

"Nothing! Just, REALLY excited about the toasty French oak characters in this wine. And speaking of toasty, why don't you come over here and snuggle up with me. You know, just to conserve body heat."

It actually is really chilly in here. Kinda drafty too. Do you … do you have the air conditioner running?

"Pssh. No. Why would I … heh … have the air conditioner running on a cold, snowy day like this?"

Maybe you should have the windows checked. They might need to be re ...


What the … is that a SNOW MACHINE in your front yard?

"Huh. That's strange. How did that get here?"

I'm gonna go now.

"Hey. Ain't nobody stoppin' ya."