Rock Wall Wine Company Tannat (3)

by wootbot

Mad As Adam

There's nothing more fun than trying to think up palindromes after a few glasses of wine. Go on. Try it.

"Hey guys, how's it going? Whatcha got there, Ted?"

"A dog! A panic in a pagoda!"

"That's weird, cuz it really looks like a glass of wine."

Ugh. Ignore him. Ever since he started drinking that Rock Wall Company Tannat, he's been speaking in nothing but palindromes.

"Amen, icy cinema."

See? He's really gotten fixated on the whole thing.

"You'd think if he was going to get fixated on anything about this wine, it would be the fresh cappuccino and dark chocolate."

"Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic."

"I … I didn't say anything about a cig … oh I see. That's another palindrome."

Watch this. It's pretty funny. Hey Ted … don't you just love the aromas of rich blackberry, ripe blueberry and rose hips?

"Do geese see God?"

Uh huh.

"Do nine men interpret? Nine men. I nod."

I think that means "yes."

"OK then. I've seen enough. I'm out of here. Have fun with that."

Flee to me, remote elf!