Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case (12)

by wootbot

Ride The Wine-ning

Metal snobs and wine snobs have a lot in common. They're both knowledgeable and both like stuff they'd never admit to in public. And both know one truth: if it ends in a vowel, it'll probably rock.

Pedroncelli? Aw, yeah! I used to love them back in '85! They had that logo with the lightning bolts in place of the letter l's and that big hair guitarist. You remember, right? Wine Metal gave them their third album an unprecedented 9.2 flamin' axes!

Now, some people got into the band with that so-called hit they did, "Three Vineyards." That's the one that got all the radio play. Sure, it was full-flavored, with a luscious red currant and blueberry spice, and all the notes of toasted oak made for a pretty good solo, but REAL "'Celli Bellys" (that's what we called ourselves) knew it was more "Invisible Touch" and less "Supper's Ready," you know? It was all right, but they could have taken up to five more years and made it amazing.

Naw, for my money, the 'Celli brought their a-game with "Mother Clone," a metal opera set in the year 2247. Blackberry jam up front and warm spice in the back, and every taste had a long and lingering finish. And don't forget the subtle black pepper work from the bass player. Although, I have to say, his solo album? Pffft. Too close to jazz. I mean, good for him for trying stuff and all, but that ain't metal.

Anyway, if you hear about Pedroncelli coming back through on some Monsters Of Wine tour, let me know, okay? I don't care which 6-pack it is, it's still gonna be a great show.

What? That's what you came to tell me? They ARE in town? And it's TWO 6-packs? And it's gonna be BOTH line ups?

Dude. Duuuuude. Tell me you already bought us tickets.