Mirage "Not Bad Fizzy Cab" (12)

by wootbot

The day after Christmas is traditionally a day you DON'T want to think about drinking. Well, get over that, Sunshine, because we've got something special going on. One word: fizzy.

Normally a fizzy liquid in your goblet means you're the designated driver (and we support that fully, for the record, so keep that practice up!) But wouldn't it be nice to enjoy that fizz AND some wine? Go on, think it over. We're not going anywhere. Take your time.

Oh, great, you're back! And clearly, you've decided to agree with us. Good choice. You're going places. And you'll be carrying a twelve pack of Mirage "Not Bad Fizzy Cab" with you.

That's right, this wine has nutmeg, mint, notes of cherry and berry in the nose, and an all-overpowering fizzzzzzzzzz. The bouquet will tickle your nose as it tickles your fancy, and don't get cute, because the fancy is just beside the pineal gland, so stop thinkin' whatever it is you're thinkin'.

A fizzy wine is a rare treat. Take full advantage of how you're wasting the day after Christmas on the Internet, and grab up this twelve pack! Then you'll have an excuse when other people start talking about snort spending time with their families.