Macrae Cole Ranch Riesling (4)

by wootbot

Need A Ranch Hand?

Life is like a salad. Just add ranch.

There are some people out there who believe ranch dressing is the be-all solution to making any food taste good -- whether it's a platter of carrots and celery sticks or a salad.

Those people have clearly never tried using Macrae Cole Ranch Riesling instead.

We're not saying Macrae Cole Ranch Riesling should be applied in the same way as ranch dressing, but accompany your salad or appetizer or meal with Macrae Cole Ranch, and it doesn't matter what you're eating because all you'll be thinking about is how good your wine tastes.

As you chomp through piece of lettuce after lettuce, what you'll really be thinking about is this wine's touch of sweetness that is perfectly balanced with bright acidity and a buoyancy of fruit. Can ranch dressing do that?