Just Joshin California Red Table Wine(4)

by wootbot

When choosing a table wine, please consider: does your table look more like a fish, or a side of beef?

It's an important question when deciding what wine to go on your table. We'd naturally recommend the Just Joshin California Red Table Wine for anyone, but the truth is- we've never seen your table.

Now, of course, the bold nuances will add flavor to your fancy-schmancy dinner, but how many people have table shaped like a steak or a roast beef? Well, if we're being honest, the answer is probably "most."

Because the reason this table wine is red? It's that most tables are round, like a medallion, or square, like a meat sandwich with the crusts cut off. That's the perfect sort of table for a Cabernet-based wine, a nice, meat-shaped table that might be a little pink on the inside if you were to cut it open.

However, should you have a table shaped like a salmon or a nice Alaska cod, then you probably don't want to set this red wine on top of it. Also, you might want to talk to your interior designer. Because who has a fish table these days? Where would you even buy something like that?