Iron Horse Summer's Cuvée (2)

by wootbot

Pony Up That Wine

A gift horse for many occasions.

Your friends are throwing a dinner party, and you want to bring a gift as a contribution to the party. You settle on a gift horse, because, you figure, who doesn't like horses?

Well, you have two possibilities:

1) Bring an actual horse.

2) Bring a bottle of this Iron Horse Summer's Cuvée.

Now, we admittedly have a bias because we're selling the Iron Horse Summer's Cuvée right now, but honestly, all biases aside, we do think your friends will appreciate the wine more.

Rather than having a large animal prancing through their home, crashing china to the ground, you get aromas of nasturtium flower, orange blossom, and sliced oranges accompanying the flavor of lime and strawberry. Maybe you prefer the path of dining room destruction, but if not, we consider the wine to be a pretty nice option.

Oh, and if you want, you can look this gift horse in the mouse all you want, though, we're not really sure where that'd be...