Giornata Il Campo Red Blend (6)

by wootbot

Prego, dude!

Benvenuti to Sunny Italifornia!

We're so grateful you've decided to visit the best Euromerican hybrid in the world. While you're here, check out our molto bello landmarks! You'll be amazed by the Leaning Tower of Alcatraz! You'll be swept away by the canals of Venice Beach! You'll have a blast at the Disney Colosseum!

We invite you to sample our veal tacos and delizioso avocado parm! We're also famous for our pizza kitchen!

You'll also love our thriving entertainment industry - especially our spaghetti westerns!

Take in some sports! We love driving fast cars and we're … sufficiente at basketball.

Don't ask about our economy, please.

Grazie and cowabunga!