Frati Horn Anderson Valley Pinot (3)

by wootbot

To Each His Own

Don't be offended when someone tells you your wine tastes like dirt. Forest floor is an acquired taste.

Did you see in the news they spotted that man in the woods again, licking the ground?

I heard about that.

Yeah, they're calling him "Johnny Floor-Licker."

Did they catch him?

I don't think he's a danger to the public. He's just a guy who goes around licking the ground.

It's so weird. Why in the world would anyone do that? Blech!

They interviewed a guy who used to know him, and he said it all started after he drank a bottle of Frati Horn Anderson Valley Pinot Noir.

What? Why?

I thought it was strange, too. But then I looked up the wine, and it kinda made sense.

Really? How so?

Well, it all starts off pretty normal. Deep, rich color with a nicely-balanced bouquet of rose petal and strawberry. The taste of bright cherry and rhubarb.

Sounds amazing.

But then that's followed by a long finish of bing cherry, plum, mushroom …

Oh, that's interesting.

… and then, get this … forest floor.

WHAT? What does that even mean?

No idea. But apparently that guy does. And I say, good for you, Johnny Floor-Licker. Good for you.