Don & Sons Lucky 7

by wootbot

All Of The Wines

It's time to put all the cards on the table. Except we're not Cards.woot, are we? So we'll just do what we can and hope for the best.

If you're a David Bowie fan, you can listen to every one of his albums. If you're a Kanye West fan, you can own every CD he's ever produced. But to be a wine fan means you always have to wonder. What did I miss? What vintage have I never tried? And then you feel dumb and you get nervous at wine tastings and before long you're only drinking soft drinks at the table in the corner.

So we're here to help you rebuild your confidence again. These seven bottles cover EVERY red wine that Don & Sons make. The B Side Cab, the Aquinas Philosopher's Blend, The Crusher Petite Sirah, The Sonoma Coast Pinot, even the Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine (perfect for looking at the label and laughing!)

Chicken, beef, mushrooms, cake, fried potatoes, casserole, if there's a food, there's a wine in here to pair with it perfectly. And what's even better than that? The warm, happy feeling in your mildly-OCD heart when you look at all the empty bottles and say I DID IT! I TRIED EVERYTHING!

You might never try every champagne. But you can try every Don & Sons. Finish this Lucky 7 and you'll be able to call yourself a true Don & Sons fan. Especially around people who are obviously not as wonderful as you. And for what greater joy can a wine snob ever wish?