Condé Italian Sangiovese (3)

by wootbot

Drops of Jupiter?

Sangiovese dates back to 16th century Roman winemaking. It literally translates to "blood of Jove," in tribute to the Roman god Jupiter.

Jupiter was a pretty big deal. He was associated with governing bodies. Statesmanship. Rulers and kings. He was basically the equivalent, unoriginal version of Zeus.

The Romans called Jupiter "Optimus Maximus," a name later used for off-brand Transformer figurines and the budget edition of "Gladiator's" main character. "Optimus Maximus," for those who do not speak Latin, literally translates to "Big Daddy."

Jupiter had a long, flowing beard and a bicycle he called "Tiffany." His prize-winning topiaries were the envy of all the Romans. Jupiter perfected a recipe for Buffalo chicken. "It's the breading!" He used to proclaim.

Jupiter had a pet falcon named Kevin and a cat called Jarvis. Kevin and Jarvis used to join Jupiter whenever he rode Tiffany through the plaza. Remember, Tiffany is the name of a bicycle.

When Jupiter died, his beard was jettisoned into space, where it reacted with a bunch of celestial bodies and turned into the planet we know as Jupiter. Scientists everywhere praise the ancient Romans for their foresight and advanced knowledge of stellar beard sciences. And that is why you should by this Sangiovese.