Chateau Epernay Corkscrew (5 Options)

by wootbot

The True Story

It doesn't matter what era you're in, a corkscrew is always a fine gift for a wine-loving friend.

Hey, is that Doc Holliday? Oh, man, nobody told me that Doc Holliday was going to be at this Christmas party. I didn't even- oh, hey, Doc! Great to see you! Hey, love that hat, is that a new hat? No? Same one you wore with the Earp gang? Oh, well, guess it's just this light. Say, is that wine you're drinking? Yeah? Gettin' classy, huh? Don't you move, okay? Just gotta get something from my horse, I'll be right back.

Ta da! See, I thought I wasn't going to be able to get you anything, but here! A Chateau Epernay Corkscrew, to help you open your wine! Yeah, thank you, it IS pretty classy. That's 18/10 stainless steel, you know. Quality natural materials and a Teflon coated worm- no, that's tequila, Doc, this is a corkscrew. Same word, different meaning.

Anywho, there's a knife in there too, for cutting off wrappers and such, plus this lovely gift box. Consider it a way of saying, well, of saying Merry Christmas, Doc Holliday!

What? You don't want it? You're only holding someone else's wine? Why- I can't believe it! I've been snubbed! Don't you walk away from me, Doc! I'll get you for this! I'll make you take this Chateau Epernay Corkscrew as a Christmas present or my name's not Johnny Ringo!