Chateau Bianca Library Oregon Pinot (2)

by wootbot

The Heartbreak Of Misunderstanding

Chateau Bianca, sure. That's just Bianca's house, I been there. But Library Oregon? Where in the heck is THAT?

When I first met Bianca, I was all "Hey, sure, I love wine!" even though I never actually knew anything about wine really. But I do know what I like, and what I like is fruit and toasted oak, especially when it's involved with rich sauces, game, and salmon. And I was so happy when Bianca said that was exactly what SHE liked TOO!

But then she handed me a Chateau Bianca Library Oregon Pinot. And I was like "Oh! It's a clue!" And so I loaded up the car and set out on the road to where our little love nest would be. I figured it would smell like flowers and spice and earth overtones.

Guess I misread the signals. I searched for Library, Oregon for hours and found NOTHING by that name. I was so mad I just deleted Bianca from my phone right away. Now I've got 137 messages and a whole bunch of texts that read WHERE ARE YOU and PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE ALIVE but whatever. Movin' on.