Casale Pozzoulo Tuscan Sangiovese (3)

by wootbot

Typos Are The New Proper Grammer

The perfect wine for anyone who wants to cosplay a Tuscanese. Or should that be Tuscan?

When you heard about Disney's purchase of Star Wars, you probably thought the same thing we did: WHAT ABOUT THE MINOR CHARACTERS? Sure, Luke and Han and R2 and Chewie will be fine, but what about Lando? And Sy Snootles? What about that scaredy-cat droid who hates Wookie growls? And what about those poor, poor desert raiders? What will THEY do?

We're selling these bottles of Casale Pozzoulo Tuscan Sangiovese today not simply because they're delicious. We're selling these bottles of Casale Pozzoulo Tuscan Sangiovese today because we care. We care about the Tuscan people and their rapidly vanishing homeland.

The 2007 Rosso della Porticcia Riserva, for example. Complex, fragrant, and made in the style of a village in Tuscany. Long ago and far away, right? And yet, the flavors still ring true today. Or what about the 2008 Rosso della Porticcia? They say it's "for the lover of all things Tuscan" and today, that's all of us. Match this vintage with grilled meat, roasts, stews or womp rats.

And don't let anyone tell you that Tuscan is spelled totally different when you're talking about the movies. The kind of people who say that, why, next thing you know, they'll be asking you to watch the new Star Trek movies with them! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, PEOPLE! AND IT DOESN'T INVOLVE SPELLING! Show your support for Tuscany now ... before it's too late.