3-Bottle Black Triangle Tote (1)

by wootbot

Carpe Picnic

Because nobody says on their deathbed "I wish I'd spent less time picnicking."

You always think you'll have plenty of time for picnics. You'll get to it when the kids get a little older, or when work settles down a little, or after professional lacrosse season. And then what happens?

Life happens. Picnics don't. Unless you make them happen. And nothing makes them happen like the Black Triangle Tote Picnic Backpack.

No, "Black Triangle" isn't some extreme picnic difficulty rating, because this backpack couldn't make picnicking easier. It lets the day-seizers among you carry up to 3 bottles of wine, or remove the bottle inserts to make room for sandwiches, chips, fruit, aged Bavarian sausage - whatever, man. It's your Black Triangle Tote Picnic Backpack. It's your picnic. It's your life. What are you gonna do with it?