Yippie Ki Yi Yay: Cowpoke Wines

The crunch of desert sand and the rustle of the underbrush. It's the life of a wanderer, a person who prefers to live in the spaces between the towns. At the end of the trail, the cowboy (or cowgirl!) hangs up the gun, sets down the hat, and pours a nice glass of cowboy wine. Just please remember decorum: the boots stay on.

Ends on October 1 at 9AM CT

About Cowpokes

The West was opened up by daring young men and women who could shoot, ride and drink with the best of 'em. Today it might not be as savage, but that's no reason to sit in front of the TV on a Friday night. Call up your own posse and have a little tasting in true cowboy fashion. Rugged Individualism doesn't mean you gotta drink alone.