Woot Cellars + Corkscrew

Ha-HA! You thought we were so scared to go back down in our cellars after we saw that big spider. But guess what? We took a deep breath, closed our eyes, and sprinted down and back with a handful of bottles! We didn't see the spider, but we assume he's down there, so order now. This could be your very last chance. We don't want to go down there again.

Ends on October 11 at 9AM CT

About Woot Cellars

Woot Cellars is full of delicious wines that have been made by many of your very favorite vineyards. Woot Cellars is also full of adorable labels that cheer you as you drink. And yes, that spider is still walking around down there somewhere. We don't really want to squish him. Maybe he'll go outside on his own when the weather gets warm.