Wellington Vineyards

Look who's bringing a little class to our corner of Woot Plus! It's Mr. Peter Wellington, and we're not too shy to drop his name. The wines he's brought us cover most of the bases, and if you buy them all? You've got a four-course dinner party to write home about. If you're already at home just use a diary.
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About Wellington Vineyards

Wellington Vineyards needs no introduction to longtime Wine.Wooters. This family-owned Sonoma Valley winery is well-known around here for its small-lot, sustainable, and oh yeah, delicious wines. And for the lively conversations with its articulate, thoughtful owner, Peter Wellington. He's no show-offy glitz merchant: Peter built Wellington Vineyards through hard work and painstaking care. Turns out that "hard work" sometimes includes mingling in the Wine.Woot forums.
Wellington Vineyards official site