Unsung Heroes: Central Coast Reds

Don't panic. You may be out of the usual wine you pour for family and friends, but think of it as a chance to explore unknown territory and grab something you may not have tried before like these Central Coast Reds. Who knows? You may catch yourself saying "What was that mysterious bottle of wi- Oh wait, it says right here on the label."

Ends on October 8 at 9AM CT

About red wine stain removal

For clothing, buy a suitcase. Not a large one, just something small you can keep in the back of your vehicle at all times. Choose one outfit you look particularly fetching in and buy five or six copies of it. Wear this outfit at all times, storing the extras away in the suitcase. After a red wine spill, simply rush out to your car and change into a non-stained outfit. For carpets, try a can of gas and a book of matches.