Teatulia Organic Tea

Tea. It created empires. Started wars. Led to treaties. Brought down leaders. Made conversations happen. Helped revolutions begin. Forget about coffee, you mermaid lover. Tea's where it's at. Let's make 2012 the year of tea! Right after the Mayan thing wraps up, of course. They were here first.
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About Teatulia

In the year 2000 two brothers from Bangladesh planted a tea garden in keeping with the teaching of a Japanese Master. THIS IS HOW THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY WORKS, PEOPLE! And there you are, eating Skittles and Creme Eggs like a sucker. Okay, okay, okay, the Creme Egg slam was a bit too far, but you get what we're saying, right? Start in on the tea and join the greater world outside our borders.
Teatulia official site