Summer's Last Hurrah!

Autumn's here, and the time is right… for clinging to the final days of Summer! Seriously, just a few more weeks? No? Well, fine. We'll let them stick to the "Labor Day ends it" mentality. We're holding out 'till the Equinox before we make it official. Grab a glass before you have to grab a jacket.

Ends on September 10 at 9AM CT

About The Summer Of 2012

Boy, those were the days, right? Everyone was singing Gotye and watching the RNC on television. Some of us loved The Dark Knight, others of us went Avenging, but we all came together to complain about how a certain network covered a certain games. We said hello to the Higgs Boson, goodbye to Ray Bradbury, and hunkered down for months and months of nonsense about the Mayans. Was it the best days of our lives? If so… boy, you REALLY need this wine.