Petite Sirah Dark & Delicious

There's no other wine for me, Petite Sirah. I shall pen a touching letter to you, place it in your bottle and throw it out to sea. Long after I'm gone, people will know of our deep love. Unless the bottle gets trapped in the belly of a whale. Then no one will know. Stupid whales. Always messing things up.
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Ends on March 1 at 9AM CT

About the Dark & Delicious Tasting Event

I don't really know a whole lot about it, but it sounds mysterious, doesn't it? It also kinda reminds me of Judge Fudge from that cartoon Drawn Together. He probably knows exactly what it's all about, but he's not going to tell you because he's too busy being delicious. Just check out the link below.
P.S. I Love You official site