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Sure he’s a war hero, but that totally shouldn't influence your purchase. He just risked his life for your freedom, but it's not like you owe him. That's the thing about freedom. Choice. You could choose to stuff the overflowing pockets of some other guy, or you could contribute to the rehabilitation of veterans. No pressure.
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About McClean Vineyards

Michael McClean is the owner of McClean vineyards, a producer of a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind estate private reserve Syrah. He's also a bona fide Vietnam War hero and Purple Heart recipient who gives 10% of his proceeds to the Armed Forces Foundation. That being said, you should in no way feel obligated to buy his wine, which has been featured in Sunset Magazine and highly rated among many top aficionados. Sorta like how we won't feel obligated to tell everyone you're a communist if you don't. We'll just do it because we want to.
McClean Vineyards official site