Judd's Hill

Legend has it that if you can climb to the top of Judd's Hill, find the famous Judd's Hill hermit, and solve his riddle, he'll give you bottle of some of the finest wine around. You know what that sounds like to us? A waste of time! After all, you can buy Judd's Hill wine right here, without any smelly hermits involved.
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Ends on June 18 at 9AM CT

About this Winery

A lot of families can't even make it through a meal without fighting. Well, the Finkelsteins are not like a lot of families. Not only do they tolerate each other, they actually work together. In fact, two generations of Finkelsteins own and operate the Judd's Hill winery. Way to keep it classy, Finkelsteins!
Judd's Hill official website