Foppiano Library Petite Sirah: RPM III Tour

Hey, we can throw around initials and Roman numerals all day; it won't get us any closer to a fine glass of wine. But clicking "buy now" over there? That starts the countdown clock to when you'll be enjoying a nice glass of Foppiano. Consider it the RPM Tour home game, why don't'cha?
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Ends on September 3 at 9AM CT

About Foppiano Vineyards

It took a rare soul to survive Prohibition on the side of the angels. But Foppiano found a way! Today they're doing well and thriving, and they didn't even have to muscle in on anyone's turf! That's the sign of a true legitimate businessman. Although it's a shame they don't have any cool speakeasies hidden away in the basement. Those are always neat to see.
Foppiano official site