Chaucer's Cellars Sweet Wine

What wines would you take to a desserted island? No, not an island full of sand, that's where people go to listen to records. We're talking about an island covered in puddings and cakes and pies and pastries! You know, the sort of place where you'd need a bottle of wine? Like those we're selling today?
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Ends on August 13 at 9AM CT

About Chaucer's Cellars

Dessert wines are just the sort of thing to show EXACTLY how classy you are. Why? Because if you're drinking wine with dessert, you clearly know what you're doing. Chaucer's Cellars has been making dessert-style wines since 1964, and they're probably not gonna stop any time soon. That's because they know what they're doing. Could this be the perfect match? Signs point to yes!
Chaucer's Cellars official site