Beehive Cheese Company

Cheese, will you look at that! An exciting selection of unique dairy products, aged just hard enough to be delicious. No whey you can pass this by. Even if you do hate our stupid puns. Listen, the cheese ages better than the jokes.
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About Beehive Cheese Co.

Software starts with a little hunk of code that's allowed to grow. Okay, maybe we're making it WAY simple but we gotta segue into cheese somehow, because the Beehive Cheese Co. started when Tim Welsh and Pat Ford got out of the software industry. Today, they can't afford any bugs at all, because who wants cheese with bugs in it? Not you, not us, and not the Beehive Cheese Co. Trust 'em, they do it the old-fashioned way for a reason.
Beehive Cheese Co. official site