Tor del Colle Southern Italy Mixed Reds 6-Pack

Sold by: Casa Vinicola Botter

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Instead, consider that this three pack of wine will go very well with game, poultry and roasted meat, and offer you a pleasant and ethereal bouquet! That should keep your mind off everything on the list above. And whatever you do, don't seek them out. Just drink the wine, and stay calm. Everything will be fine.

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2008 Tor del Colle Riserva, Biferno 750ml 2-Pack

The grapes for this attractively priced Riserva bottling are hand-harvested from several vineyard sources around the town of Campobasso. After fermentation and pressing, the wine spends over 12 months in oak casks, followed by another year of aging in stainless-steel tanks. This 2008 offereing is medium- to full-bodied, revealing attractively earthy aromatics along with classic Montepulciano notes of plum, dried cherry, tobacco and light game. With more of the same on the palate, it is well proportioned with surprising length and fine-grained tannins.

Given its Old World heritage, it is not surprising that the Tor del Colle Biferno Riserva pairs so well with full-flavored Italian fare, especially pasta dishes with lamb, beef or pork. Feathered game is also an ideal match, as are rustic stews, sausages and virtually anything from the grill. Consider recipes that include earthy ingredients such as mushrooms and herbs, or that highlight the wine’s intrinsic fruit characteristics by incorporating fresh or dried plums and cherries. This wine also works well with cheese, most notably Fontina, Teleggio and Pecorino.

Molise is a small, mountainous region in the sunny highland hills of south-central Italy. Wedged between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains, Molise has been a home to viticulture since 500 B.C., although the area did not receive formal D.O.C. status until 1983. The region’s finest red wines come from the Biferno appellation, which encompasses vineyards along the Biferno River from Campobasso to the Adriatic Sea. Montepulciano is the dominant red grape in most bottlings, with Aglianico filling out the blend.

2009 Tor del Colle Brindisi Riserva 750ml 2-Pack

Dark scents of blackberry and plum emerge from the glass along with notes of vanilla, bay and white pepper.

Juicy berry flavors mingle with smooth, savory hints of soy, leather and charcoal.

Negroamaro’s fresh acidity, medium tannins and berry fruit make it an exceptionally versatile wine at the table. Medium-weight proteins like pork, poultry, sausage and game are a natural match, as are rich pastas, ragùs and pizzas. The Tor del Colle’s full flavors will also be delicious with heartier meats including roasts, chops and stews of lamb or beef. Try it with dishes like Pork Rib Ragù with Polenta or Veal Cutlets Gremolata; find the recipes at

Puglia is the narrow peninsula that juts out in Italy’s southeast corner and separates the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Here, sea breezes temper the region’s heat, and the Negroamaro grape has dominated viticulture since at least the sixth century BC. Notable for its deep color, vibrant perfume and pleasant, earthy bitterness, Negroamaro has seen its rustic image improve over the last couple of decades as producers have gone from selling their grapes to a local cooperative to crafting their own wines. The Brindisi appellation allows blending with a few other selected varieties for complexity and nuance. This wine is made by Casa Vinicola Botter under the Tor del Colle label, a company that began in 1928 and is now in the third generation, making wine in the Veneto and southern Italy.

2008 Tor del Colle Montepulciano Riserva 750ml 2-Pack

This plush, chewy wine offers impressions of blackberry, black cherry, licorice, plum and assorted spices.

Tasting Notes: Earthy. Truffles. Also a nice round meaty edge. Nice warmth with a savory finish.


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2008 Tor del Colle Riserva, Biferno 750ml 2-Pack

Serving Instructions: Serve at room temperature (64°F). Decant one hour before serving.

  • Alcohol: 13%

2009 Tor del Colle Brindisi Riserva 750ml 2-Pack

Serving Instructions: Serve a little cooler than room temperature; refrigerate for 15 minutes before serving.

  • Alcohol: 13%

2008 Tor del Colle Montepulciano Riserva 750ml 2-Pack

Food Pairing Suggestion: Beef roast, game dishes, Italian cuisine, or sharp cheeses.

  • Produced by: Casa Vinicola Botter
  • From: Abruzzo, Italy
  • Grape: Montepulciano
  • Alcohol: 13.0%
  • Wine style: Still
  • Wine colour: Red

Winery Details

Casa Vinicola Botter

The Botter Family
Venezia, Italy

Founded by Carlo Botter in 1928, Casa Vinicola Botter began marketing wine in casks and demijohns to restaurants and small retailers in northwest Italy’s Vento region. In the 1950s, Carlo’s sons Arnaldo and Enzo started selling wines in bottles and increased the company’s presence in the Italian market while simultaneously developing foreign markets. Today, under the management of the family’s third generation—Luca, Annalisa and Alessandro—the company oversees the entire production process at vineyards and wineries all over Italy, exporting 98 percent of its production to over 40 countries.

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Tor del Colle Southern Italy Mixed Reds (6)
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