Keller Estate 2007 Casa de la Cruz Estate Pinot Noir 4-Pack

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2007 Casa de la Cruz Estate Pinot Noir 750ml 4-Pack

Casa de la Cruz Wines, produced 100% with fruit from their well-recognized Sonoma Coast “La Cruz Vineyard,” are rapidly becoming an important emerging part of the Keller Estate wine program. “Casa” in Spanish means house, and Keller Estate's Casa wine is a product of great quality and exceptional value, meant for your everyday enjoyment, alone or with meals. As part of their exploration of La Cruz Vineyard, every year they harvest a sampling from the entire property with the intent to dedicate this Estate fruit for Casa de la Cruz. These wines are a true reflection of the terroir of La Cruz Vineyard.

Bright raspberry, cherry and Santa Rosa plum flavors fill the glass with fruit, while layers of earth and spice give the wine depth. This velvety and smooth wine is a great companion to almost every meal. When the summer rays call for barbeque season, throw some rosemary-rubbed wild salmon on the grill and serve with a slightly chilled bottle of Casa de la Cruz Pinot Noir. For chillier fall and winter nights, sauté a few mushrooms, a couple sprigs of thyme, a little butter and serve atop grilled polenta with a glass of Pinot Noir and you have a heavenly, easy-breeze meal.



  • Alcohol: 14.1%
  • Bottled: August 14, 2008
  • Harvest: September 2007
  • Oak: 20% New French Oak
  • Cases: 1043

Comprising of 100% estate fruit, this Burgundian Style wine is created in small open top fermenters. Most of the fermentation is done with native yeast, and then upon completion of malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in French oak for 10 months before bottling. 

Winery Details

Keller Estate

Ana Keller
Petaluma, CA
The Keller family’s origins lie in the small town of Aarau in Switzerland. The Keller last name originates from the German word for “cellar.” For centuries throughout the Old World, cellars were a special place in a family’s home, a place where food, wine, and valuable commodities were kept and passed on from family to family. The Keller family’s Coat of Arms, which is printed on our labels, represents the cellar guard, who guards his prized treasures with a well-kept key. The colors of Switzerland fly proudly next to the key. It seemed fitting to name our winery “Keller Estate,” harking back to our family’s profession as the keeper of the treasures for your cellar.
Our family has since then moved throughout the world and we pride ourselves on our multicultural background. In the early 1900s, Wilheim Keller emigrated from Switzerland to Mexico to build the first hydroelectric plant. Soon after, he fell in love with a beautiful woman and established his home in Mexico City. His grandson, Arturo Keller, the founder of Keller Estate, worked for many years as a supplier to the automotive industry. His greatest passions are vintage automobiles and searching for elegance, class and perfection in everything he does. In the late 1970s, his passion took him to the San Francisco Bay area, a hub for car collectors. As he drove his treasured vehicles through the winding roads and windy hills of Sonoma, he came across a large ranch for sale in Petaluma. He was instantly taken aback with the views and the land. He made this his home in a piece of property across from the Russian River in 1983 alongside his wife Deborah. Recognizing that the land was wonderful for growing cooler weather varietals, Arturo and Deborah planted our fist Chardonnay vineyard in 1989. The grapes were sold for many vintages to Rombauer, who found that the minerality and depth of flavors of our Chardonnay contributed to their wines in a beautiful way.
In 2000, Keller Estate was established and we released our first vintage in 2001. Alongside Ted Lemon, the Keller Family worked at making the vineyards exceptional and designed a winery emphasizing elements of ease of flow and gravity flow to preserve the delicate flavors in the wine. The winery, designed by Ricardo Legorreta, an exceptional Mexican Architect, was completed in 2003 and is among the most beautiful wineries in Sonoma.



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