Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono 4-Pack

Sold by: Brack Mountain Wine Company

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Hey! Sup? Fable?

We enjoy a good story, and we especially enjoy a Fable now and then.

When we heard we were selling this Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono, we couldn't help but recall many of the great wine fables.

  • The Warbler and the Golden Wine: In this tale, a warbler lays a golden bottle of wine every day. His owners, so excited about this discovery, kill the warbler, thinking there'll be more golden wine inside. They find out it's just beer. They realize they shouldn't have killed the warbler.
  • The Frogs Who Desired a Wine: A group of frogs desire a bottle of wine, so they call up to Freus on Mount Frolympus, asking for a bottle of wine. Freus grants their request, throws down a bottle, but it hits one of the frogs in the head. The frog dies.
  • The Wine that Fell into a Well: Someone is drinking wine, and after pouring a glass, this person sets the bottle on the edge of a well. The wine bottle falls in.

These are only a few of the many wine fables that have taught us valuable lessons over time. What those lessons are? We're not so sure. We were too occupied drinking this Fable Napa Valley Rosé.

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2012 Fable Rosé of Charbono, Napa Valley 750ml 4-Pack

Sensory Notes: A beautiful strawberry hue in the glass, this unique rosé has blueberry and white pepper on the nose. The palate shows blue and black fruit notes, carried by an almost chewy mouthfeel. Bright acidity keeps it refreshingly balanced from beginning to end. An exceptional glass of wine with unusual complexity for a rosé.

Vintage: After two challenging years of weather, in 2012 Mother Nature gave growers one of the best harvests in recent history. Growing conditions throughout the year produced an abundant crop of mature grapes with balanced flavors and good structure. An abundance of California coastal weather-- fog in the morning, and warm sunshine in the afternoon, often sent temperatures into the mid 90s, quickly cooling off after sunset. The daily cyclical temperature shift often hit 50 degrees, and continued into September ripening fruit evenly and slowly. Fruit quality was exceptional.

Vintner Voicemail
TexaCali Ali of Brack Mountain has been looking forward to sharing this offer with the Wooters all year….


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"Certainly one of the most unique wines we produce and we always wish more was produced. Made from 100% Charbono from Napa Valley."

Don Meyer planted this vineyard with his father when he was a young man. He remembers going to Inglenook to buy budwood to graft onto the new rootstock. Meyers Vineyard has a lot of history, between the owners and the soil itself-- you can hardly refer to it as such-- it’s a relic of eons of volcanic activity. The ground crunches underfoot as gnarled vines obstinately grow in a field of fist-sized lava rocks. From a winemaker’s perspective, it’s an amazing site to grow wine grapes.

  • Fermentation: Picked and pressed for rosé, then 100% Stainless Steel fermented. No malolactic fermentation. Ferment was kept cool and lasted 32 days.
  • Harvest Date: October 22nd, 2012
  • Yield: 2.6 tons/acre
  • Winemakers: Dan Fitzgerald/John Harley
  • Yeast: Indigenous
  • Bottling: January 2013
  • Production: 130 cases
  • RS: 0
  • pH: 3.57
  • TA: .65
  • Alc: 13.4%

Winery Details

Brack Mountain Wine Company

Jason Enos, Chris Fitzgerald, & Dan Fitzgerald
Sebastopol and Healdsburg, CA
A Next Generation Winery
Founded in 2008, Brack Mountain Wine Company is a winery focused on producing hand-crafted, premium wines sourced from the best growers, offered at a fair price. The winery is located in Sebastopol, California and our Enos Estate Vineyards and wine cave is located in the Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg, California.


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Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono (4)
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