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Hey folks,

Let's make an NYC meetup actually happen. I'm happy to host in Park Slope for ~8-10 non-cat fearing people (Claritin will be provided, if necessary).

Theme: Soliciting ideas.
Location: I'm happy to host (Park Slope, right next to 7th Ave F/G station).
Date: How about mid/late May ballpark?



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Sounds good

-il Cesare
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Seems like this will be a cozy gathering then.

I got two ideas for a theme:

* I am looking to compare Cabernet Franc from LI vs. Maryhill Washington that I picked up recently.
* Having been instructed about the difference of Nebiollo and Barollo in Venice recently, could also do an Italian night.

In terms of timing, I'm eyeing 5/13, 5/14 and 5/21 weekend dates, but could be flexible with a weekday too.

What do you think?