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After the flurry of posts by a few others in the Madison area I figured I would more actively pursue a WI gathering.

We have a few options:

Sosptuba +1 and myself are wine club members of Scott Harvey's and had been in the talks with the club manager about coming to Wisconsin to do a tasting.

We could potentially host at our home or we know some very fine folks who own a winery/farm to table restaurant in the Mt Horeb area. We all would need to purchase food from them but it would be a nice place to facilitate a tasting of Scott's wines.

Open to any/all suggestions.

Host: Sosptuba/Sosptuba +1

Location: Thinking a small (30 people max) Winery/Farm to Table place in Mt Horeb.

Theme: Scott Harvey wines ...

Date: July/August, 2016

Time: TBD





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The mt. Horeb location sounds great! You can put me down +1!


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Definitely interested.


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Any updates?