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Slingshot White Combo (6)

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Slingshot White Combo 6-Pack
$64.99 $106.00 39% off List Price
2012 Slingshot Chardonnay, Sonoma County
2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
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Hey look, this is now authentic Earthquake wine. It has survived a 6.0 Earthquake (or at least I hope it has)

Get it while it lasts!

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Some notes on the rs of these wines - and the oak treatment of the chard would be appreciated.


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Prayers and thoughts of support go out to our Napa and surrounding area friends from all of us in Ohio!


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Had to be the Zin...I have 5 cases of Pedroncelli Zin in the basement cellar. I need Pedroncelli Cabernet and Sangiovese!! As much as I LOVE the Zin with a steak, we have too much. This will be the first Pedroncelli Woot that I will be skipping... *sigh*



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ltraffis wrote:Prayers and thoughts of support go out to our Napa and surrounding area friends from all of us in Ohio!

+1 from myself in Ohio via Chicago as well!

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