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Chateau Bianca Summer Whites Case

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Chateau Bianca Summer Whites Case
$99.99 $172.00 42% off List Price
2009 Chateau Bianca Estate Pinot Blanc
2009 Chateau Bianca Pinot Gris
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How about some tasting notes from people that bought it last time?

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I jumped on this deal last time - I love the NW wine country - both states. And I remember visiting this winery years ago. And the price was something not to be missed.
The vintage - 2009 - seems long for these whites, but they have held up quite well. The first bottle of Pinot Gris was somewhat disappointing - the cork (synthetic) was too loose - i actually pushed it into the bottle halfway through opening it - with the expected oxidation results. Pinot Gris should never be that amber.
Second bottle - much better. And the Pinot Blanc - phenominal! Very complex, incredible finish.
Bottom line - one of Woot's best values ever!


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Hi Wine woot buyers, this is Andreas with the winery checking in to see if you have any questions. I'll be checking periodically throughout the day.


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We enjoyed the pinot blanc last fall, no real notes but thought it was great for the price.

Want to provide tasting notes to the W.W. community? PM me for more info.