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Are you chased by a Balrog?


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jonesofalltrades wrote:I can't seem to find any rules around here about what we can post here and what we can't, so I'm just going to go ahead and post this. I had the great fortune to be a part of an amazing team that created and produced the new ABC fantasy-themed reality show THE QUEST. I really think there are a lot of Wooters who would enjoy the show so I wanted to make sure to spread the word.

If you're a fan of fantasy films or tv, comic books, video games, super heroes, sci-fi, etc, and/or a fan of reality competition TV, then you'll love this unique groundbreaking blend of the genres. We took 12 people and dropped them into a fully immersive fantasy realm, complete with is own mythology and characters, and had them interact with and react to a narrative plot and storyline while at the same time competing to see who among them would become the One True Hero to save the kingdom.

The series was created by and produced the Executive Producer of LORD OF THE RINGS and the creators of THE AMAZING RACE. Think of it as Survivor meets Middle Earth. It is also totally family friendly and all ages appropriate.

If that at all sounds interesting to you, check out episode one for free on ABC dot com or Hulu (or CityTV for Canadians) and you can also find it on iTunes and Amazon. The season is currently airing on Thursdays at 8pm/7c on ABC.

You're totally welcome to post about stuff like this! Sounds pretty cool, thanks for sharing!


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Awww, sucks it's not on Netflix. It sounds like every DnD's fan dream.

And I would sooo get a Hulu subscription just to watch it if there's a balrog XD

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