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Nenow El Camino Real Red Blend (5)

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Nenow El Camino Real Napa Valley Red Blend 5-Pack
$69.99 $239.00 71% off List Price
2006 El Camino Real Red Wine, Page Nord Vineyard, Napa Valley
2005 El Camino Real Red Wine, Page Nord Vineyard, Napa Valley
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CT -><- TT did this to me


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MarkDaSpark wrote:List of previous WW gatherings by area.
New list in the Gatherings tab. Great reading and great examples of how to set up a Get-Together Thread.

Upcoming Woot Wine Gatherings…All The News for the week of June 23.

Attend or Host a Get-Together in your area!
6/28: SoCal unofficial gathering - cal Phil on the green 6/28 aka SoCal 33.5
TBD: NYC #21: A Syrah Grows in Brooklyn

7/5: Denver #5: VIP Visitors
7/19 or 7/26: SoCal #34 Irvine Wine Locker Raid

August 4-6: 2014 RPM History Tour Interest Thread
August 23: NoVA #30: It's Pool Time Again - August 23rd

TBD: MN#?: Coming out of hibernation...
TBD: SoCal #3?: San Diego/Lakeside

TBD: Trip to Taldeschi, Hawley & Handal
TBD: Atlanta #1
TBD: NorCal #?: Open invitation to the New Muscardini Tasting Room

No events in your area??? Start one! Create an interest thread in the GATHERINGS Community Tab.

So join or create a WW Gathering!

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Lots of good notes in the previous offer link in Cesare's post.

Want to provide tasting notes to the W.W. community? PM me for more info.



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Not much buzz on this wine.

I've had wine from this vineyard bottled by the vineyard owners and their fruit is very good. Not familiar with this particular wine though.