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Shining? More like THE WINING!


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Robert Nenow Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
$62.99 $148.00 57% off List Price
2006 Robert Nenow Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Coordinates Dry Creek Cabernet Franc 4-Pack
$59.99 $137.00 56% off List Price
2009 Cabernet Franc, Dry Creek Valley

Hughes Family Syrah Vertical 3-Pack
$79.99 $133.00 40% off List Price
2007 Syrah, Savannah Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
2008 Syrah, Savannah Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
2009 Syrah Special Reserve, Savannah Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

Kaleidos Paso Robles Red Blend Random 4-Pack
$59.99 $127.00 53% off List Price
Listen Up! Buy this and you'll get 4-bottles of Morpheus... It could be 3 bottles of the 2006 and 1 bottle of the 2007... or all 2007 and no 2006. It's hard to say. That's why we call it random.
2007 Kaleidos "Morpheus" Proprietary Red Paso Robles
2006 Kaleidos Morpheus GSM Blend

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X- posted from original 07' Morpheus offer

cortot20 wrote:I'm drinking this now. And it's day 2 so you guys get a couple days worth of notes.

Label says 57% Mourvèdre and 43% Syrah from paso so it should be right in my wheel house of wines I typically enjoy. I picked the bottle up on Sunday night after the kings OT win and on the pnp I was greeted by some serious tannin stains on the tapering section of the bottle. The wine was red on the rim and had a nice nearly black core. The wine was showing considerable sediment on the first glass which was a little surprising. I wouldn't call it clear since the sediment was kicked up but if left stood up for a few days I'm sure it would be clear.

Here's a few pictures from the opening.

The nose was fairly strong and full of dark fruit. Blackberries, blueberry and some black cherries as well. There is some noticeable alcohol unfortunately. The wine comes across as dry and very tart with tannins present in the background. The tartness may be due to the sediment that was really stirred up in my glass. On first sip the wine really made me pucker and left my mouth watering. The same flavors were present on the tongue as the nose but just not as pronounced. The wine finishes with some alcohol on the back of the tongue and is about medium length. Based on my day 1 impression I felt a day 2 review was necessary.

I left the wine on the counter overnight corked and tried it again tonight. The nose had not calmed down but had changed. It now took on dusty cherries,a little cranberry and oddly enough some licorice. The palate lost some tartness as well and became much more drinkable. The sediment was much more focused in the bottom of the bottle now and this could be the reason for the dramatic change. If I were ordering this I would let it sit a week or two before opening and make sure I stood the bottle up a day before opening. This should keep the sediment where you want it.(on the bottom. ) the price seems solid and it's a pass for me based on day 1 and a buy based on day 2.



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Pretty sure I have a vintage of the Hughes Family syrah at home. I'll open it tonight and post some notes.


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x-posts from previous sale

2007 Hughes Family Syrah:

losthighwayz wrote:Long day at work but gotta perform my duty! I have a 2007 in front of me. PnP. Color: dark, almost black...looks like a big wine! Medium legs, with a strong nose reminiscent of warm blueberry pie? Detect a bit of alcohol on the nose as well. Taste does not match the color and smell...not as full bodied as I expected and finish somewhat short. Tannins are present no doubt. Will let this sit in fridge for 15 min and come back...

Edit: 15 minutes later...nose has noticeably opened up...getting more dark fruit and that meaty Syrah nose I love...not quite bacon but more like minced raw meat....acidity is fresh and has dry tannins that plucker...a bit too tannic for my taste but I think the tannins will soften over a few years...taste is better as well...getting sweet fruit and nutmeg? Definitely a well-made wine that will improve with age...I'm not sure Id pay MSRP but wouldn't be unhappy if I paid $25 for this bottle...add a vertical to boot and this a good deal IMO sorry if I rambled but my 3 and 6 year olds are readying for bed and as you can imagine its a crazy sight in here! Cheers!

2008 Hughes Family Syrah:

ajrod27 wrote:I came home tonight to a bottle of the 2008 Hughes Signature Reserve Savannah Vineyard Syrah waiting patiently just inside my doorstep. I was just about to pop a bottle of a nice chilled dry Muscat to cool off from a warm day in Cali when I noticed that the Hughes offer is up! Darn, back in the fridge with the Muscat. Popped the cork of the 2008 Hughes;

The cork came out with heavy sediment gunk on the end. There was also heavy sediment in the neck of the bottle which initially restricted the flow of the pour. I'd highly recommend decanting this one. (Unless you enjoy chewing your wine)

Extremely dark violet color, borderline inky. (BTW, I'm drinking this out of a Dark and Delicious glass. Very appropriate ) You can only see light/color through 1/16" - 1/8" near the meniscus. Initial aroma is dusty, but I'm not sure if it's my glass or the wine... Muted nose of ripe blackberry compote with fennel seed and some alcohol heat. Earthy, nutty aroma in the background that reminds me of a Brazilian nut. Nice toasted oak nuances as well.

Initial attack on the palate is showing moderate acidity, velvety mouth feel with rich, full-bodied flavors of plum and blackberry. The finish has pepper and a bit of BACON! Not the smokey kind of bacon; more of a pancetta or copa. The pepper hangs on for quite a while, lasting 20+ seconds. There was also some alcohol noticeable on the finish.

30 minutes open:
The nose has gained some power, complexity and cohesiveness. I thought it was pretty cohesive at PnP but it's really melding beautifully now. The alcohol sting is no longer present in the nose but is still there on the palate. The blackberry/plum, Brazilian nut, pancetta with black pepper; it's a gourmet meal in a glass!

The tannins are developing some grip now. They're strong but what I would consider sweet tannin.

In summary:
This is a really big, yet elegant, Syrah. As the wine continues to breath it's just getting better. It has the complexity to be enjoyed a la carte, but if I was going to pair it with food it would be a hearty meat dish or stew. The only flaw I am getting is a bit of heat on the palate, but that might have to do with the temp of the wine and environment I'm enjoying it in. High of the day was 88 degrees F in San Jose; the wine is likely in the low 70's. I'll try chilling it a bit and seeing if that helps.

I'm looking forward to notes for the other vintages to aid in my decision.


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Nennow all gone...