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Fjellene Walla Walla Mixed Red (5)

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Lots of good notes last time around, big discount. Very tempted......

Want to provide tasting notes to the W.W. community? PM me for more info.



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You now have my attention


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I've had 4 out of 5 of these from last time. They are all created in a smooth round style with a fair amount of fruit but not over the top concentration.

These wines are not earthy, leathery, or tannic. Given that I like these qualities in my wine, these wines are just ok to me but I can see many others enjoying them.

2014 - 20 Btl. Fjellene (10 bot), Urraca Chard (10 bot)
Last purchase: 5/3/14

2013 - 75 btl. 2012 - 98 btl. 2011 - 112 btl. 2010 - 30 btl.
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Don't ask me why, but I'm in for one...heck, I don't even know how to pronounce the name!

Elegant. Complex. Distinctive.
You are what you drink!


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Went in for x2. Mostly because I am a Washington State nut.


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I feel the same way. Looks good to me. I'm in for one


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Aaargh, already have too much wine and have broken my "no more freaking wine at this wootoff" rule 2x already...but...so...tempted...

..but waiting for Poizin to come up...argh...


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dkralston wrote:Don't ask me why, but I'm in for one...heck, I don't even know how to pronounce the name!

Lots of ratage from last offer - and I'm guessing some more have sample their purchases since??

From last time around - Luckily there is some assistance on the back of the bottle that tells me we should be calling this "Fyel-LAY-Nuh"


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.At less than 15 bucks per wine and 5 dollar shipping, I nabbed three. A big fan of the value from the last offer, so very excited to see here. The touch of bottle age on these adds just enough depth to soften the fruit forward nature of the wines. Great value.


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this is some yummy wine!!! I have to behave and attempt to show some restraint!! or mr. mommadeb will have a fit!!!