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Rabbit Aerator & Bottle Stopper Set 2-Pk

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Metrokane Rabbit Swirling Aerator and Wine Bottle Stopper in Zippered Case 2-Pack
$24.99 $40.00 38% off List Price
Rabbit Swirling Aerator & Wine Bottle Stopper in Zippered EVA Case 2-Pack


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One happy and one meh review over at qvc.com


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Haven't tried this aerator but FWIW, the bottle stoppers work great! I've got at least half a dozen of them. You can safely lay a bottle on its side, as they create a leak-proof seal.


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I've never tried this aerator either, but I too love the Rabbit bottle stoppers. I have a bunch and they are the only ones I use.


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The headline on this one dredged up ancient SNL/Eddie Murphy memories for me