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Martellotto Santa Barbara Chardonnay (3)

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Martellotto Santa Barbara Chardonnay 3 Pack
$59.99 $133.00 55% off List Price
2011 Martellotto Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County, Sierra Madre Vineyard
CT link above

Winery website

-il Cesare
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Tasting Note

We had the opportunity to try this wine on Friday. Thanks to the flying monkeys. We chilled the wine, and paired it with some fried cod.

The aroma was of oak and lemon. After it warmed a little, we got the apple on the label. The wine was crisp with good acidity. The lemon flavor came through clearly. The oak notes were more muted on the palate, with some very nice vanilla. Definitely liked the oak treatment on this wine. Just adds a nice balance, not too much.

We liked this better with the food than on its own. It held its own against the oil in the fish and cleared the palate. It is pleasant enough alone, but better with the meal.

And the wine is offered here right about what I thought would be a good woot price for the wine.


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Just ordered and lit up my state. This was a very nice Chard to have in the cellar for the summer. Too much basketball on the West Coast? Still walking up?


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So the amazing monkey came by and dropped off a bottle of the Chardonnay. I tossed it into the fridge to let it settle and cool down a bit.

On Pnp I got a great nose of honeysuckle. Smelled really nice. On the palate you get a decent amount of acidity and just a bit of mineral zip, nothing like a French Chablis but a hint of it. Pretty decent mouthfeel with the slight zip in the beginning; the acid rounding out the middle, not an overwhelming acid but balanced; and then a almost sweet aftertaste, the sweetness was from the fruits as opposed to any RS. Flavorwise, I got a mild honey and a stronger citrus, lemon. No tart green apple in this one, though the acid was clearly there. There is a slight vanilla flavor that is the most pronounced for me in the aftertaste, and its good.

It was better with food since the acid cuts through fats and oils well. It's a good wine for a meal, I think it'd be great for outdoor summer lunches. At the price offered I'm intrigued.

SWMBO liked it, she's a fan of flinty whites, and she thought it would great for parties as a food wine as it appeals to a wide range of drinkers.


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polarbear22 wrote:Just ordered and lit up my state. This was a very nice Chard to have in the cellar for the summer. Too much basketball on the West Coast? Still walking up?

Yeah, we just don't drink chard.............otherwise I would show some interest.