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Lucas J. Russian River Pinot Noir (3)

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3x Lucas J RRV Pinot Noir
$58.99 + tax/ship

My tasting note from September: 9/23/2013 On PnP it's very very tasty, mouth watering acidity with some bright sour cherry. Absolutely none of that RRV candied character, thankfully. Also not much in the way of earth or mushroom immediately.

With an hour or so the nose has gained a hint of darker fruit and a hint of herbaceousness. The palate has gained a bit of forest floor to complement the herbs on the nose. The acid is still top notch. Revisit in another 8+ months to see if it starts to develop more earth.

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Lucas J. Russian River Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$58.99 $100.00 41% off List Price
2008 Lucas J. Pinot Noir, Jasper Family Vineyard, Russian River Valley

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