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Botter Roccalanna Nero d'Avola Red (3)

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Botter Roccalanna Nero d'Avola Sicilian Red 3-Pack
$49.99 $85.00 41% off List Price
2011 Botter Roccalanna Sicilia Nero d'Avola
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Another bottle that rolled off the truck....

2011 Botter Roccalanna Nero d'Avola

PnP, synthetic cork closure. Deep ruby color in the glass with narrow, widely spaced legs. Cherry cobbler nose with a little heat and a whiff of oak. Medium-bodied, juicy. Candied cherry on the palate with cassis, tobacco and sweet oak. Just a hint of something vegetal in the background - canned green beans? A light spiciness leads into the soft tannins on the medium-short finish.

This is a simple yet enjoyable mid-week drinker. The fruit-forward style gives a perception of some sweetness but this is definitely a dry wine. I've never had a Nero D'Avola before so I can't say how this compares to others or if it is a typical representation of the varietal.


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Mmmm, pizza and pasta wine.


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A monkey going by my house stopped and said "Ciao. Una bottiglia di vino per Lei," and he vanished.

Friday night was card night with the usual group and this time the specialty of the hostess was going to be lasagna. What a perfect time to get eight unbiased opinions regarding this wine. With the Nero D'Avola, I also brought along two different Chiantis. For most Italian meals, I prefer a good Barbera, but tonight it would be about the Nero D'Avola.

Upon PnP, the color was medium and the clarity was good, but the initial aromas were hard to discern. Initial flavors were a little cherry and some hidden dark fruit. I thought maybe blackberry and tea. We set it aside. FF to an hour later.

We started the meal with the two different Chiantis because I wanted everyone to start thinking Italian wine and this varietal. It paired well with both the meaty lasagna and the veggie lasagna. Half way through the meal, we started pouring the Nero D'Avola. This wine is soft yet there are dark fruits lurking in the mid palate. The finish was smooth with no acidic afterbite. Some tasters thought cherry, while others thought plum, spice and blackberry. We did not find it to be sweet. At 13% alc., it was on the dry side, which I know everyone does not enjoy, but this group did. Final consensus was eight thumbs up with someone commenting, "I could drink alot of this."

I think this wine is on par with a nice chianti and a nice barabera. All of these wines pair well with an Italian fare. If you have not tried a Nero D'Avola, this would be a good opportunity to try some. IMO you, and anyone with whom you might drink this wine, will really enjoy this. At $16 a bottle, it is a fair price. Salute!

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I have consumed a few bottles (all right, quite a few) of Nero d'Avola beacause the owner of the Italian deli/wine shop I go to is from Sicily. The tasting notes above are consistent with what I taste with this wine and it is nothing extraordinary but a very nice food wine. The one thing I really like about it is it doesn't have that raisin/prune taste like so many over ripe hot climate wines do. (I'm looking at you Southern Cali). Salute!

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I really have liked some Nero d'Avola's, just a really nice smooth everyday drinker. Have not had this one.

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I tend to have heartburn issues with some wines. So, in two separate wine shops, I asked for recommendations and both places recommended Nero d'Avola. As others have said, it's just a nice wine. I've never tried this particular one, though.


quality posts: 12 Private Messages bskuared

This looks good, just wish it wasn't a 3 pack. Maybe this exporter can get us some interesting Salice Salentino or Salento Rosato

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